Bloom loses Ukip party whip after ‘sluts’ slur

Ukip leader Nigel Farage last week removed the party whip from the party’s financial services spokesman Godfrey Bloom after he hit a reporter and called a room full of women “sluts”.

At the party conference in London on Friday, Bloom branded a Channel 4 political correspondent Michael Crick a “racist” and hit him with a booklet after he asked why there were no black faces on a Ukip leaflet.

Immediately after the encounter Bloom reportedly called a room full of women “sluts” at a conference fringe event on women’s issues. He has dismissed the remark as a joke on twitter

After the comments, Bloom spoke on Ukip’s defence policy on the conference floor to cheers from party members and chants of “no apology”.

But seconds after his speech ended Farage told Sky News he was “hacked off” with Bloom and that he had overshadowed the conference.

After Farage met with the party chairman it was announced that Bloom had lost the party whip. This could mean Bloom has to become an independent MEP and not be able to stand under Ukip at the next election.

Bloom has previously courted controversy by saying foreign aid should be scrapped and not sent to “bongo bongo land”, prompting accusations of racism.

Bloom was unavailable for comment.