My mortgage week

Monday: Early start to make a site visit to a Midlands-based lender with two new vacancies. After a quick wine bar lunch, return to the office with copious notes to record background information and prepare a consultancy contract. Spent the rest of the day contacting newly-registered candidates, writing copy for our next advert and preparing a mailshot.

Tuesday: A logistical mortgage merry-go-round as we each have a number of candidate interviews around the country. Whenever possible, we try to meet candidates before they attend interviews as this gives us the chance not only to explore the candidate&#39s aspirations and character but also to match these to the overall business and personal expectations of our clients. Easier said than done, as the helicopter and the omnipresent powers are clearly still in the post.

Wednesday: First thing, we discover that our fantastic cutting-edge computer system is creaking slowly to a halt. Phone software company to be advised that there is, obviously, nothing wrong with their software but that a virus called Worm Klez has infected our system. The good old internet comes up trumps with numerous fixes (the most effective of which is, strangely enough, provided by a leading anti-virus software company). We spend the day playing techies, running disk scans and rebooting PCs. As access to our client and candidate information is limited, routine courtesy calls to customers are curtailed. Inevitably, we purchase new anti-virus software.

Thursday: Enthusiastic dash to another mortgage roadshow. As a recruitment consultancy specialising in the mortgage industry, it is important to keep in touch with lenders, packagers and networks – even reprobates such as Joe Rabbitt, John Malone, Peter Beaumont and Michael Bolton (to name-drop but a few). In the afternoon we limp wearily back to HQ, satisfied with our efforts at preaching the gospel according to Reynolds Recruitment. Time to organise our weekly email update to all our candidates. Final evening meeting with a shortlisted candidate, prior to interview to run through details of the company and the position.

Friday: Trip to London to meet a new client looking for mortgage staff – our awareness campaign must be working! The bustling yet cheerful environment pleasantly surprises us. Another business lunch, another glass of wine. Back at the ranch, we spend the afternoon sifting through our rapidly-expanding candidate database for suitable contenders and lining up interviews.

lAndrew Reynolds and Briony Gooch are partners in Reynolds Recruitment, which specialises in mortgage personnel. Their diary runs from 21st to 25th October.