IFA Promotion releases homeowner guide

IFA Promotion has produced a free guide offering homeowners advice on how best to protect their investment from potential changes in the housing market.

House prices have risen around 85% over the last five years, with the average UK house now costing over £110,000. While those who bought early will have seen a sound return on their investment, for many others guarding against market uncertainty is key.

The guide covers how to manage mortgage payments should interest rates rise, remortgaging, renting a room, cutting costs, downsizing, negative equity and, most importantly, where to get expert and impartial advice.

David Elms, chief executive of IFA Promotion, says: “Consumer confidence is central to the continuing strength of the property market. Some recent buyers may have stretched themselves considerably to get onto the property ladder, leaving themselves vulnerable to changes in the market. Other homeowners could be looking to cut costs but are unsure of where to start.”

“Being prepared for potential changes in the housing market is vital. An independent financial adviser can help you take stock of your financial situation and talk through the many options open to you.”

For a free copy of the guide call the IFA Promotion consumer hotline on 0800 085 3250 or visit www.unbiased.co.uk