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Putting people before possessions

Steve Payne

It is simultaneously the most exciting and terrifying time for any couple when they learn that they are expecting a baby. Dealing with that excitement and anxiety as the nation watches on, commenting on your every move and speculating on the gender of your unborn child, can’t be easy. Kate Middleton’s experience of pregnancy is very different to most; for more reasons than one.

Human pregnancy is the most studied of all mammalian pregnancies, and it’s hardly surprising. It is a fascinating process, watching a woman grow a human being from scratch. But whilst society is excited by the process, for those experiencing it first-hand, it triggers a very rational concern about being able to provide adequately for the future.

Most people take steps to protect their possessions. We all ensure that our houses, cars and phones are safe. But it seems that people still need to be reminded about the importance of insuring their lives. This becomes so much more important when your clients choose to start a family. Suddenly there is more than one mouth to feed and more than one future to protect.

Nothing can prepare anyone for parenthood. It is arguably the most exciting and challenging journey there is, full of variety and unpredictability. Whilst it is almost impossible to prepare for the changes children bring, it is possible to prepare from a financial perspective. Taking out life cover, income protection or critical illness insurance is one of the most important things you can help your do clients to protect themselves and their growing families.


UK house prices up 0.8% year-on-year

UK house prices moved into positive territory, on an annual basis, for the first time in over a year after 0.8 per cent growth in March.


Out from the long grass? An IT and NI merger

Those with a long memory will recall that at the start of the last parliamentary term George Osborne announced his intention to merge income tax (IT) and national insurance (NI).  Headline grabbing as the initiative was, the reality of the complexities, challenges and costs of such a move resulted in this idea being kicked into the political long grass.


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