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Run Rabbits RUN

Always keen to hang out with his fellow rodents, Mole caught up with edeus’ Race For Life bunny girl team last week. The fine and fair bunnies (see caption competition) had run the 5km race in aid of Cancer Research.

They raised £3,000 for the charity and completed the run in 45 minutes – star bunny Elaine Forth finished in an amazing 24 minutes.

Mole tried to get a comment from edeus bosses Alan Cleary and Michael Bolton, but both were too out of breath from trying to keep up with them. Mole can only assume that the pair are more used to chasing bunny girls in thongs and stilettos rather than shorts and running shoes.

To donate money to this excellent cause, go to

Royal flush

Mole was invited to Royal Ascot last week for Ladies Day courtesy of those nice folks at eConveyancer. It was a typical Mortgage Strategy day out at the races, with more money lost than won. But that was compensated for by the fine wine, food, company and facilities.

As he was in the Royal Enclosure, Mole had donned his top hat and tails and found he was a stone’s throw away from the Queen herself in the royal box. Not that host Alan Dring, sales director at eConveyancer, seemed to notice.

“I thought that box was the gents’ toilets,” he confessed to Mole. “I wondered why that old bird in the corner reading the Racing Post wasn’t interested in taking a quid off me.”

Good vibrations

Having got over his hangover from the races, Mole was settling down to a quiet evening in front of the box last week, hoping for a little comic relief from the frenetic world of mortgages.

He tuned into Lenny’s Britain, in which comedian Lenny Henry toured offices around the country to unearth the role of humour in the workplace.

Just as Mole was nodding off, a familiar face on the screen grabbed his attention. It was none other than MoneyQuest managing director Paul Rey-nolds. Henry had been invited to the firm’s Glasgow call centre and was let loose on its phone lines.

The comedian also got the chance to try out the office’s electronic massage chair, which, it seems, was a more ar-ousing experience than he had bargained for. MoneyQuest sure knows how to keep its staff motivated.

expensive dump The world of property took a couple of strange twists last week. First, a public toilet in St Andrews, Scotland, was sold at auction for £200,000 des- pite being given a guide price of just £50,000.

And a couple in Swanage, Dorset, outraged at the derelict state of the town’s pier head, took the extreme step of painting a Banksy-style mural de-picting crumbling stonework and a hole in the wall.

Numerous attempts have apparently been made to develop the property but they’ve fallen flat.