SPPL launches packaging guide

Southern Pacific Personal Loans has launched a packaging guide.

The guide takes packagers through each part of the application process ensuring applications are submitted ready to proceed to completion.

The SPPL packaging guide includes income assessment, credit search and identification, loan documentation and valuation and mortgage information.

Sharron Jones, training manager at SPPL, says: “Packagers are our lifeblood and a large part of my role is spending time with packagers, helping them to package applications quickly and accurately so that there are no delays once it arrives at SPPL.

“We provide onsite training but can’t be there everyday. The SPPL packaging guide offers an easy to follow method for making sure there are no hold ups further down the road.

“The guide covers everything from the assessment of income through to valuations and the legal criteria of the applicant and the property.

“It really should be the secured loans bible at the fingertips of all those involved in packaging secured loans through SPPL.”