Rubicon to offer Accelerator software on pay as you go basis

Rubicon Software Group is to trial its Accelerator business processing software with loan and mortgage brokers on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The technology will be provided via a web browser, rather than needing to be installed in-house and can be paid for on a monthly basis rather than via a large up-front licence fee.

This will give brokerages cost-effective access the software, which features automated lender allocation, web sourcing, automated underwriting, application processing, Experian and Equifax searches.

Alistair Hancock, chief executive of Rubicon, says: “Our existing client base recognises that Accelerator delivers true competitive advantage in terms of speed, accuracy and quality of customer service.

“Feedback from brokers indicates that the increasing regulatory burden is restricting their ability to boost business volumes, so we believe they will be highly receptive to a flexible service specifically designed to reduce operational costs and improve conversion rates.

“Class-leading technology on an affordable basis has to be a compelling proposition.”