Risk of flooding high, says Allied Surveyors

Allied Surveyors has warned that climate change and development on flood plains has increased the risk of flooding.

It urges home owners in areas of England currently suffering flooding to seek advice and contact their insurer.

Following this week’s severe flooding Allied Surveyors is concerned that many home owners could find they are not covered by flood damage.

Chris Rispin, technical director at Allied Surveyors, says: “The risk of flooding to residential properties has increased significantly over recent years, primarily due to a combination of climate change and the increased development of new homes on flood plains.

“Additional evidence suggests that homeowners are not only at risk from designated flood areas but also heavy rainfall – clearly evident from the devastating effects of this week’s downpour.

“Many home owners are unaware of the detail of their buildings insurance and could find they are not covered by flood damage.

“There could be more bad news to come if home owners do not seek professional advice early to address any structural issues which may have arisen as a result of the recent floods.

“The Association of British Insurers has previously suggested that insurance for properties that fall within areas subject to an increased risk of flooding may no longer be guaranteed, so I would advise anyone who is concerned to visit the Environment Agency’s website to check their home’s current flood risk status and to contact their insurer before taking any action to repair their home.”