Mortgagematch launches Kensington fixed rates

Mortgagematch Home Loans has launched two exclusive near prime products from Kensington Mortgages.

The first is a near prime, two-year fixed rate 6.39% and is available up to 90% LTV. This is available as self-cert and Right to Buy.

The second is a near prime max two-year fixed rate at 6.54%, also available up to 90% LTV. This product is only available through self-cert.

Ian McPherson, managing director of MortgageMatch, says: “These are very competitive deals. There is a good demand for fixed rates and at 90% LTV, these will be extremely popular with our brokers.

“These mortgages underline our continuing good relationship with Kensington and give our directly authorised and appointed representatives competitive options to offer their clients.”