MI adds CMS to its panel

Mortgage Intelligence has added Commercial Mortgage Solutions to its panel.

CMS will provide Mortgage Intelligence members with a whole of market choice for commercial enquiries.

Sally Laker, managing director of Mortgage Intelligence, says: “Mortgage Intelligence has always stood for providing the best in products, service and compliance support to our appointed representatives and members.

“Our decision to add CMS to our commercial offering was based on its knowledge and expertise and it understood our requirement of ensuring that customers must receive the same best advice service as they would for residential mortgages.”

Adrian Coles, managing director of CMS, says: “ We are delighted to be working with Mortgage Intelligence, which shares the same understanding of how business should be conducted for the benefit of intermediaries and its customers.

“CMS’ commitment to a true whole of market solution backed up by our belief in treating customers fairly was a major part of our appeal to Mortgage Intelligence.”