Me & My Car

My BMW 535 TDS is my personal space - a place of comfort where I can turn turn up the volume on the stereo while motoring along. I just have to watch the speeding, says Mark Glithero

I’m a BMW 5 series fan – in fact, I’ve owned four of them. I drive many miles each year, meeting business contacts, att-ending corporate entertainment events and visiting various Lexicon offices. So my car must provide comfort, performance and economy, although not necessarily in that order.

At the moment I have a black BMW 535 TDS, which for non-BMW drivers stands for Turbo Diesel Sport. The car has motorsport racing seats in black leather as standard, which certainly satisfies the comfort criterion on long journeys up and down the motorway.

The engine has not one but two turbo chargers that produce 272 bhp, so the car is ex-hilarating to drive. It’s safe, predictable, charismatic and fast.

But a word of warning. Be-cause it’s so smooth to drive it’s easy to exceed the speed limit and I ma-naged to pick up a speeding ticket on just my second day in the car.

Its tiptronic gear shift means you can drive it manually, great if you fancy manoeuvring quickly around country lanes. And as it’s a diesel, it will also comfortably exceed 35 miles per gallon on the motorway, producing outstanding economy for a car of its size.

But enough of the technical stuff – what I love about the car is that it’s my personal space. I spend my time on the motorway catching up with other members of the Lexicon team on the mobile, using its hands- free system. Once the calls are finished, I listen to Alan Bra-zil and Jon Gaunt on Talksport or my favourite CDs.

The car has a fantastic stereo system and I like nothing more than to sing along to my favourite U2 tracks at full volume, without anyone shouting abuse at me.

I’d like to treat myself to a Ferrari one day. They don’t tick the comfort or economy boxes but they more than make up for it on performance and looks. One word of advice though – don’t get into a Ferrari as a passenger and let edeus’ Michael Bolton drive. He scared the life out of me speeding around Monte Carlo last year – I’ve only just recovered.