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It seems like we end up picking on people a little here at Hush Hush, but word reaches us that Ian McPherson, one of the directors of Mortgagematch Homeloans (he’s on the front cover of the magazine if you skipped it) and likely to soon be known as Snoopy – found himself a little bit early for an afternoon function hosted by edeus. Given the circumstances and the fact he had been out quite late the evening before, McPherson thought he would nip up to his hotel room for a quick power nap. Unfortunately he was more tired than he realised and virtually fell into a coma with all attempts to rouse him through his mobile phone failing miserably. He woke up with a start but not a couple of hours later, oh no. Instead McPherson woke up at 1 am!

Meanwhile, Bob Sturgess, director of marketing at Money Partners, was the closest to losing his temper Hush Hush thinks it has ever seen him. The usually amiable Sturgess, was furious when he discovered the guests he had invited to the Henley Regatta had been brought to the event in a people carrier rather than the mini-bus he had ordered. Thankfully the cramped travelling conditions were the only hitch in an otherwise great day, and once the champagne was flowing and all guests were happily ensconced in the pavilion box reserved for Money Partners and its guests Sturgess resumed his usual good humour. Phew!

Losing your glasses is never a nice thing but there are some quite stylish ways to do it as Robert Thickett, deputy editor of Mortgage Strategy recently discovered. When, along with the rest of the MS team, he was a guest of GMAC-RFC at Thorpe Park. Thicket got aboard a ride only to see his glasses fall away from him to the ground as he was being hurled through mid-air. Hush Hush hears Thichett and news editor Rebecca Atkinson then attended a performance of the Jools Holland Swing band at Kew as guests of AXA and Abbey respectively where Atkinson complained about having a headache. Given Thickett drove back from Thorpe Park to London without the aid of his specs, the headache might be understandable.


Flipping hell

Flipping, a form of fraud that sees dodgy brokers making big bucks from vastly inflated property prices, is a major problem in the US. Now it’s over here, what’s being done to combat it? Lee Jones finds out

UK braced for flipping fraud

Fraud specialist Haymarket Management Services has urged the mortgage industry to be wary of fraudsters trying to ‘flip’ properties for a profit.Flipping is a phenomenon sweeping the US where criminal gangs including mortgage brokers fraudulently inflate house prices.The properties are resold among gang members at inflated prices, generating huge profits when they are finally bought […]

AMI says RDR is bigger threat than regulation

Chris Cummings, director-general of the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries, has warned the industry that the Retail Distribution Review poses a bigger threat than regulation.Last week, the Financial Services Authority outlined proposed changes to the retail investment market that include differentiating between independent advisers who don’t charge commission and those who do.It also proposes to introduce […]

Edeus gets rid of charges for AVMs

Edeus has dropped charges for automated valuation model decisions in line with its standard valuation costs.It was the second lender to launch point-of-sale offers using AVMs last September, a week after GMAC-RFC.However, its tiered fee structure, which meant a POS-O using a standard valuation would cost customers £460 while an AVM POS-O would cost between […]

Survey cover

EEF/Jelf Employee Benefits Sickness Absence Survey 2015

EEF stated in its 2015 EEF Manifesto that the UK’s growth prospects depend on people being fit, working and productive. Keeping people in work and helping people return to work is very important for the manufacturing sector. It means boosting productivity by getting people back into work as early as is possible, as well as fostering workplace cultures and environments that proactively manage individuals’ health conditions so that all can benefit from lower sickness absence outcomes.


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