Home Energy Performance Packs could replace HIPs

I wasn’t surprised to read the results of Mortgage Strategy’s straw poll on whether Home Information Packs should be scrapped, given that it had been hijacked by a pro-HIP forum (Mortgage Strategy’s June 11). You can’t blame them for trying – clinging to life when facing death is a strong motivation.

What puzzles me is why buyers haven’t been considered in all this. With the latest changes to the policy, sellers only have to commission a HIP before or while putting their properties on the market to meet the regulations.

But what do potential buyers get to see when estate agents call and offer them properties – a useless document confirming that HIPs have been booked and nothing more. How will that benefit them?

If buyers agree sales and have a BM Solutions-style instant mortgage, do their solicitors take up searches with the HIP following later? This simply looks like more bureaucracy.

I think HIPs are unworkable but I sympathise with those people who have trained to become energy inspectors.

However, their jobs could still be saved if the HIP becomes the Home Energy Performance Pack, which would mean that properties for sale would re-quire HEPPs not HIPs.

This seems simple and wouldn’t ev-en change the acronym that much. Anyone want to form a HEPP Providers Association?

Maurice Edgington
Tricon Limited
By email