Cooper retains housing ministry

Yvette Cooper has retained her position of housing minister as Prime Minister Gordon Brown conducts a major cabinet reshuffle.

Cooper will not only retain her position, but will also be privy to Cabinet meetings.

Cooper has been under fire recently, being partly blamed for the government’s Home Information Pack debacle, but has weathered the storm. Her ally, Ruth Kelly, was not so lucky – Hazel Blears has replaced her as secretary of state for Communities and Local Government.

Jim Gillespie, chairman of the Home Inspectors Organisation, thinks Cooper’s continued presence is a sign that HIPs, of which she has been championing, will continue to be part of the new government’s plans.

He says: “This is a positive move by Brown where HIPs are concerned. If he wanted to scrap them then he would have pushed Cooper into the long grass, but retaining her is a signal to the industry that he believes in HIPs and they will be going forward.”