BM Solutions launches sub-prime range

BM Solutions has launched a range of sub-prime and sub-prime self-cert products with £250 cashback.

The sub-prime range includes a 5.99%, two-year tracker up to 75% LTV, and £250 cash back.

BM Solutions is also offering a sub-prime product at 6.79%, and a two-year tracker with up to 90% LTV and £250 cash back.

The HBOS lender is also launching a sub-prime, self-cert product at 6.39%. The two-year tracker is available up to 75% LTV and also has £250 cash back.

Iain Williamson, head of key accounts at BM Solutions, says: “These strong deals form a well rounded sub-prime and sub-prime self-cert range.

“With competitive rates, competitive fees and cash backs, teamed with the highest levels of service brokers can be sure that they have the necessary support to stay ahead of the game.”