Barclays logo could be a no-go for ABN Amro

Barclays’ iconic eagle logo may be ditched due to concerns from ABN Am-ro that the design could be seen to have Nazi connotations.

Barclays is embroiled in an acquisition battle for the Dutch bank and has already agreed to move its head office to Amsterdam if the £96bn deal goes ahead. Despite pre-dating the Third Reich by over 200 years, its 317 year old eagle logo is eerily similar to that of the Nazi party, which adopted its eagle design from Germany’s coat of arms and set it on a swastika.

Last week, concerns were voiced in the national press from sources close to Barclays that the logo might cause off-ence in Holland, which had a large Jewish population and was occupied by the Germans between 1940 and 1945.

A source at Barclays says: “Barclays will look at changing the logo if the deal goes ahead.”

The British bank is being tipped to adopt ABN’s shield logo worldwide, but declined to comment.