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Anker’s anti-AHIPP comments are typical of the Daily Mail

In his amusing column on June 18, Guy Anker, a Daily Mail personal finance reporter, blamed the Association of Home Information Pack Providers for not telling it how it is.

But he fails to mention one crucial point. The pro-Conservative Party Mail will do anything to derail this government and since the HIP issue has be-come a political football, the chance of it getting a fair hearing in his newspaper is as likely as Salman Rushdie taking an evening stroll in the streets of Lahore.

I don’t accept that AHIPP purely shouts down HIP sceptics. For example, I’ve engaged with the Sellers Pack Law Is Not The Answer pressure group, the Council of Mortgage Lenders, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the Law Society and the National Association of Estate Agents and have had constructive conversations with all of them.

As for Anker’s fellow journalists not taking AHIPP seriously, well over 200 pieces of coverage were logged last month discussing the organisation. In 41% of cases AHIPP was referred to positively with a further 50% offering balanced coverage. Anker contributed to the hostile 9%.

Paul Broadhead
Deputy director-general
Association of Home Information Pack Providers
By email


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