More Britons desire room for reading

Following on from last month\'s feature on 2008 being National Year for Reading and describing what lenders, such a Alliance & Leicester and Newcastle and Skipton building societies are doing to encourage reading among the young, we are pleased to report that new research from Legal & General reveals that we are a nation of bookworms.

Apparently, we’re not all TV-addicted couch potatoes and given the chance most of us would dedicate a room in our home as a library or reading room.

As we reported, there has been concern that children are falling out of love with literature, which prompted Ed Balls to appoint 2008 Year of Reading.

However, Legal & General’s Changing Face of British Homes research suggests Britons’ love affair with books is alive and well. Almost twice as many people would like a room in their home to be a library, rather than a home cinema room – 15% compared with 8%.