Ex-Ukip MEP Bloom says party must fight excessive regulation

Former Ukip MEP and financial services spokesman Godfrey Bloom says the party should be doing more to highlight excessive regulation in financial services.

Bloom, who resigned the whip 12 months ago after controversy at Ukip’s conference last year, says the party is not radical enough.

He says his “days were numbered” because he was too libertarian and Ukip is now more interested in what it “can sell on the doorstep” instead of what it believes.

He says: “I was the only person in Ukip capable of explaining the case against over financial regulation. We now have Douglas Carswell [the Conservative MP who defected to Ukip last month] but he will be gagged. I was told to stop writing articles because my policies were too radical.

“Ukip are not doing enough on highlighting over-regulation. I led the campaign not to be regulated by Brussels and only Ukip led that but we weren’t saying we need to have the same regulation in London. But now Ukip seems to say ‘we don’t mind it being incompetent as long as it’s incompetent in London’, which I don’t think is particularly satisfactory.”