The Mortgage Mole

On the phone to Precise Mortgages’ managing director Alan Cleary last week, at the end of the conversation he revealed he was waiting to continue his flying lesson after a tire had burst.

In a recent interview Cleary did with Mortgage Strategy he revealed that he was a few hours away from qualifying as a light aircraft pilot after years of training near his home in the Midlands. He also let on that he’d already been involved in a full scale emergency landing when the engine blew.

“Pretty annoying really,” the unflappable boss told Mole as he prepared to go up again. “Of course, better that it happened on the way up than on the landing.” Talk about dicing with death.

Mole might have to dust his golf clubs off soon after hearing the news Complete FS is running its own Ryder Cup challenge between two teams drawn from the mortgage and bridging sectors at Meon Valley Golf & Country Club.

But there is one problem – Mole has had a run-in with the chief groundsman in the past after digging up the green on the third hole. Some people need to lighten up.

For anyone considering going for Sir Mervyn King’s job as governor of the Bank of England, but put off slightly by the long hours, high profile nature of the job and stress, according to King it’s no worse than being a football fan.

“Supporting Aston Villa is much more stressful than being the governor of the Bank of England,” he explained in an interview with Channel 4 last week.