Shot across bows for conveyancers

Harpal Singh MS blog

As an industry it’s not often a particularly pleasant experience to reflect on the negative perceptions of our own business or the service we provide.

That said, customer feedback – good or bad – is always worthwhile receiving – unless of course it’s not acted upon – and any quality business will never shy away from the cold, hard realities of what’s being said.

Recently, I saw some research which reflected on consumer’s experience of dealing with their conveyancing solicitor and the headline figures are perhaps not pretty to look at.

Two-thirds of homebuyers and sellers said they were dissatisfied with the service they had received with major bug-bears being communication problems, a perceived lack of transparency when it came to cost breakdown and an overall problem with the length of time the deal took to complete.

There may be no surprises in there for some conveyancing solicitors in terms of the regular complaints they get however a two-third dissatisfaction rate is disgraceful and should send a shot across the bows for all firms active in this sector.

Of course, the results do not tell the entire story and it is impossible to say what type of solicitor firms were being used by these consumers.

However, it seems likely that they will not be able to count on repeat business from these clients anytime soon.

The results left me wondering how many of those transactions had any sort of broker involvement in.

We constantly preach the message to advisers that their involvement in conveyancing not only brings with it income benefits but client benefits as well.

If the adviser is in the information loop they are able to frame their client’s expectations much more acutely and they can also do all they can to chivvy along the solicitor firm.