Prisk must make himself heard

It seems the Government have done the unthinkable – it’s actually appointed a minister who can claim to be an expert on his brief.

I am of course talking about the new housing minister, Mark Prisk.

Prisk is apparently a qualified chartered surveyor with experience in development and property consultancy.

There should be some real hope that he has some insight into the ongoing issues facing the housing market.

There do not appear to be many tears being shed for the outgoing hosuing minister Grant Shapps as he rides off into the sunset.

Charitably, it can at least be said that he had some innovative ideas- but it’s difficult to think of any material positive changes that occurred during his time in office.

Clearly no one has a magic wand to restore a healthy glow to the property sector but it is also undeniable that housing is an important driver for wider growth across the economy.

The coalition still seem to be in need of ideas for economic stimulus – let’s hope the new minister can get this point across above all the other voices shouting around the cabinet table.

Freeing up mortgage credit and facilitating the building of the number of houses that we actually need, while balancing this against the need to protect the environmen, should also be high on his agenda.

For those keen to contribute to the debate, I note an interesting twitter account has also just been created @ifiwasmarkprisk– not the man himself but let’s hope engagement with the industry in some form is high on his priority list.