When is an AIP not an AIP?

When you’re dealing with B&W

From Andrew Hughes

We’ve all been in the situation whereby we have taken care to place our client’s mortgage with the right lender, covered all aspects of the true costs of the proposed mortgage, analysed the savings and benefits and then come to a final choice of lender and product. We then submit an agreement in principle to get confirmation of what we should already know by this stage and this is accepted by the lender.

I am not so naive as to want all accepted AIPs to end up as successfully completed mortgage applications but an AIP should be what it purports to be. It should follow each lender’s standard credit score and credit search system from the outset so if the result of the AIP is accept, the only reason for decline should be that the supporting documentation does not match.

So when is an AIP not an AIP? When you’re dealing with Bristol & West.

Andrew Hughes

AMH Mortgage Consultants

By email