TMB pledges to become top lender for packagers

TMB managing director Nigel Payne has pledged that the HBOS subsidiary will become the number one lender for packagers.

He says in the coming months The Mortgage Business will enhance its distribution strategy and strengthen packager relationships. TMB already deals with a significant number of packagers and will develop existing relationships as well as boost its business with others.

Payne says that providing support to packagers is key to TMB’s vision. The lender will be enhancing its online system to ensure better compatibility for packagers and will also be launching targeted products.

He says: “Packagers will be a core focus for TMB. Unlike most lenders who deliver their proposition to the whole market and then try to sell it to packagers, TMB will be developing its proposition specifically for the packager market. We will continue to focus on providing specialist mortgages via intermediaries and packagers.”

Despite increasing industry speculation regarding the future of packagers, TMB firmly believes this area of the market will grow and flourish.

TMB is working with regional packagers to help them generate more mortgage business. This is part of the lender’s philosophy of helping packagers grow.

Payne, together with TMB director of sales Peter Charge, has started visiting a number of packagers with which the company has strong relationships to demonstrate TMB’s commitment in this area.

Chris May, director of Mortgage Times, says: “This renewed vitality in taking the high ground in a market that is crying out for support should be applauded and we hope to do a lot of business with TMB over the next twelve months.”

Payne adds: “Face-to-face communication will go a long way towards cementing existing good relationships, as well as helping to forge new ones. TMB is here to stay.”