The Yorkshire implements Speed-trap online system

Speed-trap, the e-business intelligence company, announced today that the Yorkshire has implemented Prophet, Speed-traps e-Business Solution, on its website.

The project was undertaken in conjunction with one of Speed-traps strategic partners, the service management specialists, Partners in IT.

Nigel York, e-commerce manager at the Yorkshire, says: “Weve implemented Prophet on our website for a combination of reasons which, when considered in their entirety, provides us with the pan-website e-business management information we need.

“Firstly we wanted to ensure we were able to obtain totally accurate data regarding traffic to and through our website, including transaction monitoring; this is crucial, and had not been available to us prior to using Prophet.

“We also sought sophisticated but easy to use and interpret campaign tracking facilities. Prophet provides us with all these facilities, and from a management perspective, it enables, for example, heads of department to see things such as homepage click maps on a weekly or other time period basis as required.

“The combination of all these and other tools helps us manage our online business, plus enabling us to decide exactly how and where to make changes to our website in order to improve and enhance visitors experiences, and thus increase our websites impact.”

Malcolm Duckett, vice-president of marketing and operations at Speed-trap, says: “We are of course pleased to be working with the Yorkshire. Using Prophet on its website ensures that the site will become really intuitive to use and probably as visitor friendly as a website can possible be.

“Further more, because Prophet allows websites to be constantly monitored and tuned, it will always be visitor friendly plus as revenue and information rich as possible. The financial sector is of course competitive and Im confident that Prophet will play its role in providing an extra edge for the Yorkshires online business.”