Taylor’s Tour…..

Henry Taylor\'s day job is running a mortgage broking business in Eastbourne on the south coast of England, when not taking part in the Seat Cupra Championship

The motor racing year is only 10 weekends or so long, but things happen quickly and the winter months are all about preparing for the next season.

We are looking to put together a test programme for the Seat through this winter whereby we will test a series of development parts to find a bit more speed. This can be laborious as it’s all about constantly lapping and fine tuning until we find the sweet spot. I love testing as it is always interesting to see how changes affect performance.

And testing was one of the main things we lacked this year. We started the season late and missed winter testing this time last year, putting us one step behind. Now is our chance to make a concentrated effort on developing the car and winning the championship next year.

Winter is also the season for working on sponsors. The sponsorship and marketing side of motorsport is one of its toughest facets. For large companies motorsport is a great platform to link products with the general public. With more than 25,000 spectators at each event and millions of worldwide television viewers it is a great marketing tool.

As well as the marketing side, the corporate hospitality and entertainment are second to none. We can offer corporate hospitality packages with a special atmosphere.