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Spooks don’t scare off buyers

No wonder Halloween is now such a major annual event in the UK, a recent survey shows that Brits are surprisingly unperturbed about spooky events, even when they concern the sanctuary of their hearth and home.

Whereas once, people used to do anything to avoid or ward off evil spirits, with hanging up horseshoes and other lucky charms commonplace, new research from Portman shows that 43% of people say they would not be put off purchasing a property if it was rumoured to be haunted. Moreover, one in three people, 34%, claim to have lived in a house that was either haunted or rumoured to be haunted.

It appears that most Brits are very resistant to things that have traditionally been considered spine chilling. 74% would not be put off purchasing a property if a previous owner had died there, although they would want the asking price to be lowered. 82% would purchase a property that was No 13 in the road and 37% would even buy a house if it had a sinister past.

Most tellingly of all, if things did start to go bump in the night, only 30% of people say that they would move out of the property. Should this, spookiest thing of all happen, 45% of people say they would just stay put, and 24% say they would stay put, but would hire an exorcist to try and chase off the source of the nocturnal disturbances.

Lynsey Hallam, group press officer at Portman, says: It would appear that British homeowners are ghost proof! They are certainly not fazed by the thought or reality of spooky goings on in their homes and with a significant third of people saying that they have lived in a haunted property or one that is rumoured to be haunted, it would seem that the demand for property remains pretty much the same whether it is renowned to be haunted or not.


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