More non-compliant adverts

Research from Mortgages PLC reveals an increase in the level of non-compliant mortgage advertising during the year.

A detailed review of advertising in consumer mortgage magazines was carried out in April and September. In April, 24% of advertising was found to be non-compliant with the most common issues being the continued use of outdated Consumer Credit Act risk warnings, APRs not being quoted and advertising for adverse credit mortgages not including Financial Services Authority prescribed risk warnings.

When the research was repeated in September the level of non-compliant advertising had increased to 31%. The most common issue was adverts not including an APR when one was required. One still carried an old CCA risk warning.

But Peter Beaumont, sales and marketing director at MPLC, says all is not doom and gloom.

He says: “At first sight, these results indicate that financial advertising is getting worse but the picture is not that bad when you analyse underlying trends. Most of the issues identified in our April research have been sorted out and, though one advert did carry an old risk warning, all adverse credit advertising carried the prescribed FSA wording.

“APRs are still a problem and advertisers are also failing to give the same prominence to prescribed wording as they do to promotional wording.”

MPLC also confirms that firms are moving away from lead generation focussed advertising in favour of brand lead advertising.

It is believed this is a result of falling response rates from traditional advertising and lenders giving online promotional activity greater prominence in their marketing schedules.