Lenders must exploit offset market potential

Lenders must make some strategic moves if they want to exploit the growth potential in current account and offset mortgages, says a report from Datamonitor.

The report says the CAM and offset market was worth an estimated 29.2bn in 2004, up from 4.2bn in 2000 – a market share of 10%. The sector is predicted to grow at an annual average rate of 24.2% over the next four years, and could be worth 84.7bn in gross advances by 2009.

The report identifies several areas where lenders should concentrate their efforts if they wish to to capitalise on this potential.

It says lenders must identify niche mortgage sector such as buy-to-let, self-cert and self-build and target customer sectors that would benefit from CAM and offset products.

They should also consider positioning their offset products as a solution for debt consolidation, as this could be feasible way of acquiring more customers.

The report also suggests the intermediary channel could offer opportunities for the expansion of CAMs and offsets, but coaching is needed if sales are to improve.