Intermediaries praise Heritable

Intermediaries have given Heritable Bank’s mortgage service levels the thumbs up.

A recent survey of mortgage brokers who use Heritable Bank’s residential mortgage facilities found that 94% of respondents judged the bank’s service to be either good or excellent.

By the same token, 96% considered the mortgage team’s knowledge to be good or excellent.

Comments from respondents included praise for the bank’s flexible approach and its ability to follow decisions through.

It also earned plaudits for intermediaries being able to discuss a case directly with the underwriter dealing with it.

Mark Sismey-Durrant, chief executive at Heritable, says: “When we launched our mortgage operation in 2003 we set out to provide brokers with service second to none so they can offer an equally professional service to their clients.

“We employ skilled underwriters who can find the best structure for a mortgage proposal, we have a fantastic and enthusiastic team and we limit our distribution so we can maintain service standards.

“The findings of this survey vindicate our approach, with many of the respondents citing Heritable Bank as the lender offering them the best service.”