Home of Choice eyes smaller networks

Home of Choice is in talks to acquire smaller networks, and says it has recruited a well-known member of the industry to help design exclusive mortgage products.

Richard Coulson, managing director of Home of Choice, predicts that the network will double its current 1,100 applications in the next three years, to over 2,000.

Coulson says it has appointed a mortgage product developer, and details will be released early next week.

He has also not ruled out acquiring some smaller networks, and says it has been in talks with a couple of networks who are floundering in the market.

Home of Choice will soon have over a thousand mortgage specialists, just three months after trading, including 500 appointed representatives and 600 directly authorised.

Coulson says its target is to become the leading mortgage distribution brand, and after its current 1100 applications are processed it says it will become the industrys second largest mortgage network.

It also expects to see a surge in applications at the end of November, once his court battle with Zurich is over.