Estate Angels’ leads check out and are worth the money

From Nat Daniels

Iam responding to the letter from Kevin Thornton(Mortgage Strategy October 10) regarding Estate Angels’ leads. I feel sorry for him given what he has missed out on but I do have a solution to offer.

Firstly though, he says he doesn’t buy leads from us ‘yet’ – I am glad to see our ‘try before you buy’ emails are working. I will address the point he raises about the quality of leads ina moment.

But before I do I would like to saytwo things. We are the only lead generation company that gives advisers the choice to buy leads before paying for them.The purpose of our ‘try before you buy’ email is to let the adviser see all (but the contact details) before buying. In this case, Thornton decided not to buy due to quality. Also, Estate Angels gives advisers till the end of the month to pay for leads.

Turning now to the leads themselves, he had the option to buy but turned it down. The first was a staff nurse on 35,950 (not 39,950 as he stated). He said his wife laughed at this as she is a nurse and doesn’t know anyone in nursing that earns that amount.

Well, for your information you can see at nhs-knowledge_base/data/11.htmlthat a nurse/midwife/health visitor consultants earns from 37,331 to 51,344, and that’s without London weighting.

Anyway we called the nurse and it turns out she does in fact earn what she stated, plus more for overtime. She also mentioned that her husband’s salary was to be taken into account as well. So they could afford it.

She had completed the form some days before so naturally by the time we called her she had sorted it out but thanked me for helping her search for a mortgage.

With regard to the other leads, again a bit of digging and Thornton would have found more vital information a user may not enter on their form.

So,a couple of lessons:

  • Don’t believe all you read in print and don’t assume anything.
  • To anyone who buys leads, make sure you contact within an hour of receiving the lead – the golden hour.

Oh yes, and the solution I referred to earlier. Kevin, I would like to offer you 10 free leads as I know you will make money from them. I look forward to hearing from you.

Nat Daniels

Managing director

Estate Angels

By email