Abbey Residential Property Plan to close to investment

The Abbey Residential Property Plan marketed in association with Knight Frank Corporate Finance closes to investment on November 4. This 10-year investment is designed to provide both capital protection and offer investors exposure to the UK residential property market without the risks that come from buying property as an investment.

The Plan tracks the Halifax House Price Index and provides 200% of any growth in the index at maturity, subject to averaging. The plan can be invested in directly for a minimum investment of 3,000 or a maximum of 500,000. Independent Financial Advisers, who introduce clients as investors, will be paid a commission of 3.50% of the subscriptions made by their client.

Trustees of self invested personal pensions and small self administered scheme arrangements can also invest in the RPP, allowing them to gain exposure to the residential property market six months ahead of proposed changes to pension arrangements on A-Day.