Two thirds of parents talk about money rather than sex

Almost two thirds of UK parents are more likely to discuss money matters over sex education with their children, research by Barclays has revealed.

Just 19% of parents are more likely to talk about sex education and as many as 12% say they wouldn&#39t discuss either money or sex with their kids.

The research also show that dads are the ones who take more of the responsibility when it comes to financial guidance, leaving mums to explain the birds and the bees.

Encouragingly, the majority of people, some 76%, believe that financial education for children is important. Despite this, only 38% of parents think that their children have a good understanding of money matters. Well over half felt that their children&#39s understanding ranged from &#39little or none&#39 to &#39some&#39.

Paul Morrish, savings and investments director at Barclays, says: “It is good news that parents consider financial education to be important.

“However, more families need to help their children to gain a good understanding of financial matters, as saving for the longer-term is becoming increasingly important in the UK and this needs to be tackled at a grass-root level.”