The Mortgage Partners defends its choice of name

The Mortgage Partners has defended its choice of name following objections from The Mortgage Partnership.

In a letter to Mortgage Strategy, a representative of The Mortgage Partnership insisted that the company had “no connection with another company of a similar name offering what purports to be a similar service.”

In response Kevin Paterson, managing director of The Mortgage Partners, counters that The Mortgage Partners is a trading style of Mortgage Partners, its limited company name. It adds that there are many thousands of mortgage companies with very similar names.

He says: “This recent letter to the press came from a company whose registered name is The Northern Mortgage Partnership Limited and which actually trades as The Mortgage Partnership.

“I congratulate them on the amount of publicity they have managed to generate over such a &#39non-story&#39. Indeed, perhaps they should be thanking us for the benefit of all the press coverage they&#39ve had – at our expense.

“According to Companies House, there are three other companies which include the words The Mortgage Partnership Limited.

“Furthermore, The Mortgage Partners has never purported to offer a similar service to The Mortgage Partnership.

“We offer a very different service, a flexible approach that allows members to &#39cherry pick&#39 the services they want to use. We also offer free membership, a steady supply of high-quality business leads, and some of the highest procuration fees and life commissions available.”