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Tacky is just what we don&#39t need now

Regulation is fast approaching and anyone attending the Mortgage Expo last week will see why. Pole dancers on stands, bunny girls doing the rounds. Talk about a time warp – it was like being back in the 1980s. And you wonder why the FSA wants to clean up the intermediary market. This was just asking for trouble.

The FSA, which was also exhibiting at the Expo (minus hotpants), was shocked. Indeed, its concern was rightly expressed in private at last Thursday&#39s IMLA meeting. Nothing had quite prepared it for some of the more bewildering, if not downright tacky, stand attractions.

Of course, our very own Mortgage Mole has featured some of the finest beauties in the industry. Who could ever forget the epic hunt for Laura Barnden? But there&#39s a time and a place. A diary column is one thing but an exhibition endorsed and backed by the Council of Mortgage Lenders and the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries that features pole dancing ladies? It&#39s not exactly the image that the industry should be portraying – especially when the recent self-cert debacle has thrown it under such an intense spotlight.

The industry is already drinking in the last chance saloon. The Expo was the ideal occasion to show our future regulator how professional we are as an industry. Now it&#39s simply a missed opportunity.

Lenders, packagers, networks and clubs all want your business at the moment – whether you decide to take the directly authorised or the appointed representative route into regulation. Either way there will soon come a point where you will have to decide what you are going to do. If you are thinking of following the AR trail, will you be swayed by a quick flash at the Expo or will you go for a more reasoned and sensible approach from your principal?

Cheap tricks and marketing glitz may attract the numbers but will it attract quality? At the end of the day if you don&#39t make the right decision there&#39s only going to be one loser – you.


Ministers must do more to reduce regulatory burden – Lib Dems

While the Liberal Democrats have welcomed plans outlined in yesterday&#39s Queen&#39s Speech to simplify company law, it warns that Ministers must do more to reduce the regulatory burden on small firms. Lib Dem Brian Cotter MP, small business spokesman, says that the &#39think small first&#39 principle must be extended beyond the field of company law […]

Let&#39s move to affordability as the self-cert criterion

From Neil CalverBarely a week goes by without some sort of mis-selling scandal rearing its ugly head. This time it seems to be turn of self-certification mortgages. So are they a licence to print money? Of course not. One possible way to dispel allegations of fraud and obtaining monies by deception would be for lenders […]

Paragon pipelines at record levels

Paragon Mortgages reveals in year end results that high application levels have pushed the number of loans in the pipeline to record levels. The company says that the net result has been that the business is well positioned for a strong start to the new financial year. Total advances by September 30 2003 were £781.3m, […]

Mortgage Next announces price structure for appointed reps

Mortgage Next has announced its pricing structure for brokers who wish to join its network as appointed representatives. The pricing structure consists of three tiers, including a flat fee of £80 per month for each firm, a fee of £40 per month for each additional mortgage adviser and a monthly fee equivalent to 5% of […]

Why your clients need some tough love

In any relationship that matters, professional or personal, you should be upfront with someone if you think they’re making a decision or doing something they might later regret. Being honest with someone and having their best interests at heart, however hard the message, is key to building trust in any relationship. So how does this […]


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