SecureMove welcomes HIPs go-ahead

SecureMove Property Services welcomes the Government&#39s stand on HIPs in the Queen&#39s speech, saying the move brings to an end years of speculation.

Peter Bray, managing director of SecureMove, part of the Bradford & Bingley Group, says that with the announcement on legislation, the industry can move away from debating the rights and wrongs of HIPs and instead give its full attention to the issues of how the law is to be implemented.

He says: “The change, particularly for larger players in the market, will be from &#39do I agree with HIPs?&#39 to &#39how can I make HIPs provide better service for my customers?&#39

“It has been difficult even for those who are committed to becoming HIP providers to make large investment until now. I am sure that we will see far more energy directed towards resolving the emerging issues.

“One area of concern is finding the required number of home inspectors. My view is that many chartered surveyors will become dedicated home inspectors and there is a pool of allied professionals with good technical background who will be interested in this work.”

Other issues include whether buyers will trust the condition report contained in the packs and also the charging for the report. On the charging issues, Bray is convinced this will quickly move to the back end of the process and be paid out of sales proceeds.

He also adds that professional indemnity cover for home inspectors may require Government intervention in the early years, particularly for those entering the industry from other professions.