No action yet against self-cert cop

A policeman with a double life as a mortgage broker has been caught using self-certification to falsify mortgage applications for asylum seekers.

Detective Constable Azad Azam, who also apparently worked as a broker at property firm London & Essex, was recorded telling a News of the World journalist posing as an asylum seeker that with a self-cert mortgage, he could type out his own reference.

He told the reporter: “You can type it yourself. If you tell me that you are on benefits we can&#39t do your mortgage.

“We need a letter from a company saying that you&#39ve been working there for three years, that this is your salary and that it&#39s a permanent position.”

Azam employed touts, or introducers as he called them, to bring clients to him, paying them £250 per client.

Although listed at Companies House under three variations of company name, when asked by Mortgage Strategy the MCCB could not find either Azam or his company on the Mortgage Code register.

Essex Police say no action has so far been taken against Azam.