Enterprise offers service guarantee

Enterprise Homeloans, the exclusive packager for the Zurich Advice Network, is offering a &#39service guarantee&#39.

Enterprise has provided full &#39case-ownership&#39 since September 1, meaning that the underwriter who provides the solution to the original enquiry is the same underwriter who deals with the application on receipt, and is always contactable via a direct dial number.

Michael Clapper, managing director of Enterprise, says: “Case ownership has proved a resounding success and the system we now have in place allows us to go one step further and offer a guaranteed service standard.”

Enterprise guarantee to &#39turn-around&#39 all new applications within 24 hours of receipt, meaning the application is credit searched, underwritten, the broker contacted with an update and the valuation instructed (unless otherwise requested), all within 24 hours. All post and faxes received are also guaranteed to be dealt with inside 24 hours of receipt.

After the first &#39broker update&#39, provided that everything Enterprise requested has been received and is satisfactory, then they also guarantee to submit the case to the lender for an offer inside 10 working days.

This is the first time any packager has publicly announced such a service guarantee.

Enterprise now has &#39in-house&#39 lender underwriters, able to issue offers from their premises for most of the lenders on their panel &#45 meaning that in most cases offers are now achieved inside 10 working days.

In the event that Enterprise fails to honour their &#39guarantee&#39, the client&#39s valuation fee would be refunded, in full, on completion.

Clapper adds: “I am delighted and proud of the service we now provide. All the feedback we get is consistently positive. I am convinced that we are now offering an unmatched service for dealing with such a large and productive distribution base.

“Now that we have a successful and robust infrastructure, we are able to continue recruiting and training, as we anticipate significant increases in volume over the coming years. Our plan is to continue honouring our guarantee, irrespective of volumes.”

Richard Coulson, mortgage director of Zurich, says: “We have worked closely with Enterprise to ensure that the service provided to Zurich advisers is second to none. Based on the feedback received over the past few months, I believe we have achieved this objective and we plan to not only maintain it, but continue to explore ways in which their service can be further enhanced in the future.

“I am delighted that Enterprise, along with all the other mortgage-related benefits we provide, will ensure that Zurich is the natural home of choice for brokers seeking AR status next year.”

Martin Gracie, financial services director of Reeds Rains, says: “Enterprise has enabled us to write significant levels of quality sub-prime mortgage business with confidence.”

And John Ahmed, managing director of Mortgage Advisory Service, adds: “The feedback from our mortgage advisers is very positive and they appear to be genuinely happy with the service provided by Enterprise.”