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Consumer greed rife in run up to Xmas, warns IFA Promotions

One in four people would rather get into further debt or dip into savings than resist the temptation to spend, research from IFA Promotions reveals.

The promotional body claims 73% of people in Britain spent money on replacing goods that didn&#39t need to be replaced last year and many are likely to do the same again in the run up to Christmas.

In the run up to this year&#39s annual &#39buy nothing day&#39, on Saturday 29 November, IFPA is calling for people to scale back on spending and consider the consequences of exhausting savings accounts or falling further into debt.

The research showed that existing borrowers are more likely to take on a further debt burden, as a quarter admits they would buy the product they want immediately rather than save up for it..

Only 8% of 16 to 17 year olds and 13% of 18 to 24 year olds accepted they could not afford an item and a fifth of them would happily resort to debt to obtain items.

One in five people under the age of 55 years admit they would rather borrow than wait and save for an item, or admit it was unaffordable.

And just 40% of people who purchase items immediately using credit, say they can&#39t afford to increase monthly savings at the moment.

David Elms, chief executive of IFAP, says: “These findings highlight the stark need for people to take control of spending, especially in the run up to Christmas, when temptation is rife.

“It seems that the notion of thrift is very much a thing of the past and worryingly budgeting has become very much a lost art form.”


Europe plans fixed mortgage fund

A US-style European mortgage fund has been proposed as a way of providing for cheaper 25-year fixes with no redemption penalties. The European Mortgage Finance Agency is seeking EU legislative changes to create a secondary mortgage market along the lines of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the US. Rob Thomas, general manager of EMFA, […]

LifeQuote provides insurance quotes for Trigold users

LifeQuote is to provide insurance quotations to Trigold users as part of its mortgage sourcing system. By sending client information during the mortgage sourcing process in Prospector Plus to LifeQuote&#39s online search and application website, users will quickly be able to get an insurance quote. Once a life company and premium have been selected the […]

House price warnings falling on deaf ears, claim Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats claim that with net lending at record levels, Bank of England warnings that house prices are over valued are being ignored. Vince Cable, shadow chancellor, says that with the value of mortgage loans up by almost a quarter, bank lending was fuelling an unstustainable bubble in the housing market. He says: “If […]

At your service

A study by TowerGroup and Frank Eve Consulting suggests that greater website functionality is critical to speeding up the lending process. When it comes to the internet, most of the headlines have to do with online direct to consumer lending. In 2002 consumer direct web, mail, and phone mortgage lending accounted for approximately 7% of […]


What employers should expect over the next five years

A major feature of our articles is looking into the Jelf Employee Benefits crystal ball to predict changes and trends that may influence the short and medium term shape of UK employee benefits.  By flagging such changes early we aim to provide our followers with the tools to make sensible and informed decisions on their benefits offerings.


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