Ready for agony on long, winding road


The only time I have ever used the word taper before has been in the context of taper relief.

And relief is precisely what tapering in a cycling context gives me – that is, a week of almost nothing but work, rest and food.

Then comes the pain, but for now I will enjoy having my rear nowhere near my hard but well-shaped saddle for a while.

I’m in reasonable shape. I managed 100 miles at the weekend and wasn’t in any discomfort until the 80 mile mark.

The heartening news is that fitness-wise I know I can do this but I also now know my knees, neck and right foot are going to hurt – probably a lot once we get into the 10-day schedule and what our sat nav informs us is 892 miles.

Since I last wrote one of our team members, John Phillips from Kinleigh, Folkard & Hayward, has bought a new bike, partly for the big ride but also to celebrate passing his cycling proficiency test.

We have trained hard and done close to 1,500 miles in all – that’s something like 75,000 calories or around 262 Mars bars each.

I now know that I get bored after 35 miles of each ride and am sure the mental side of this challenge will be right up there with the physical aspect.

But we must get to Santander safely within 10 days, and have every intention of doing just that.

So we are on target for our £20,000 split between Rethink and Shelter, and are deeply grateful for everyone’s kind sponsorship.

You can still donate by going to Hasta luego.