TFC offers First National promotion

TFC Homeloans is now offering a £99 application fee on all purchases and remortgages places with First National with a free legal service also available on remortgage deals.

The offer, which will be available for a limited time only, is available to all mortgage intermediaries in England and Wales submitting First National applications to TFC Homeloans via its time saving IT system Gravity.

First National was the first lender to be fully integrated with Gravity, offering brokers instant KFIs, and same day instruction of valuation and communication of all the outstanding requirements to package the case. This applies to all deals submitted online via its market leading IT system Gravity before 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

The same day processing means that TFC is able to deliver offers on First National cases in three days and completions in around two weeks.

Jennifer Wilson, marketing manager at TFC Homeloans, says: “As soon as we receive a full First National application via Gravity we instruct the valuation and produce the list of outstanding requirements for the broker so they can go straight back to their client and discuss everything in one go. The cost savings these efficiencies have brought us mean that we are now able to offer extremely competitive application and legal fees on remortgages and market leading procuration fees across the range.”

Gerry Bell, head of mortgage marketing at GE Money Home Lending, says: “Remortgage business will become increasingly important this year and these customers are looking for deals where up front costs are minimal and the process is made simple and is fast. The TFC offer ticks all of these boxes and I am sure will be very popular.”