Sesame offers consumer equity release guide

Sesame has created a consumer guide to help advisers provide the facts about equity release to their clients.

The guide has been produced to ensure that financial advisers and their clients have the information they need before making any decisions, which is particularly important in a complex and emotive area such as equity release.

Equity release is an issue that should be discussed with family members, and Sesame’s guide assists by describing in simple terms the different products available, along with the process and costs involved.

Mike Preston, head of Sesame Solutions, says: “The equity release market continues to grow due to the needs of many asset rich but income poor older homeowners, who are increasingly looking to fund their retirement by releasing equity in their properties. Equity release is now being seen as a sensible and viable part of effective financial planning; a view that is being enhanced as more providers enter the market with innovative, flexible products. However, it is also a decision that should not be taken lightly, and Sesame’s guide helps financial advisers and their clients to better understand the options and issues surrounding equity release.”

The guide may also appeal to the increasing number of financial advisers who want to provide their clients with a comprehensive advice service, but are either not authorised to give equity release advice, or are authorised but do not want to take on the additional risk and responsibility of writing this type of business. Advisers can use the guide when asked about equity release by their client and then, if appropriate, refer the case through to Sesame Solutions.

Sesame Solutions is a referral service that enables financial advisers to venture into this area by providing access to fully qualified and experienced specialists. The team will review the client’s circumstances, carry out extensive research and provide a detailed personal recommendation, whilst also taking full regulatory and professional indemnity responsibility.