Promise offers brokers more application processing options

Promise Finance has revealed an increase in point of sale options for brokers looking to increase application speed while accomodating the FInancial Services Authority’s TCF guidelines.

Brokers can now choose between printing off the necessary documentation immediately, allowing clients to sign the application and receive copies of the loan agreement at the point of sale, waiting for Promise to validate the land registry searches and information that has been supplied electronically, before printing off the documentation, arrange for a courier to visit the client with the documentation and obtain the required signatures or to leave Promise to send all of the paperwork to the client for them to sign and return.

By offering four alternatives, Promise aims to give brokers more control over the secured loans process.

If clients are sure of the data supplied, then the first option improves the speed at which Promise receives applications and affords brokers the opportunity to help clients complete the paperwork correctly.

Promise also suggests that allowing it to check the information supplied will help eradicate mistakes at an early stage and stop the need for forms to be passed back and forth between parties.

Steve Walker, managing director at Promise Finance.“We are working towards a more efficient process that empowers brokers, improves service and speeds up turn around times.

“We also want to make sure that clients get accurate information at the point of sale. This is a central part of the TCF principles and we believe this new system is a huge improvement on what is currently being offered to customers in this market.”