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Prime market will inject life back into sub-prime

Roger Morris, managing director, em-financial believes that life will be injected back into the sub-prime market through problems in the prime market.

Morris says that up to a year ago, prime lenders were creeping into the sub-prime side of business and stealing cases away from packagers, but now because they are refusing those types of cases, packagers are reaping the rewards.

Morris says: “All the declined applications from prime lenders are now starting to come through.

“This though is actually helping packagers more than ever. We are getting cases where someone has a £400 County Court judgement which a high street lender won’t do, and that is absolutely beautiful business for a sub-prime lender.

“We’re getting business that this time last year the clean lenders were taking from us.

“Brokers are starting to realise the value of packagers and once they’ve realised the fact that we can get them a deal, our applications have increased.”

He adds: “Life will come back to the sub-prime market because of the lack of near prime cases in the mainstream market.

“While you have to be prudent and ensure that you keep your cost base down, independent packagers can adapt to market conditions quicker and will survive through these time.”


FISA adopts new approval process for surveyor panel

The Finance Industry Standards Association, the secured loan industry’s self-regulatory and compliance body, is undertaking a series of changes to its approval process for surveyors wishing to be included on its panel, FISAVal.The basis of approval for those surveyors wishing to appear on FISAVal and work for FISA lenders will now change from individuals to […]

News is all around and most of it’s bad

Technology is a wonderful thing. Thanks to the wonders of high-tech development, global news is now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As stories unfold around the world, news agencies feed through their reports and in the blink of an eye we can get up-to-date with events as they happen.

Mform points to interest-only rush predicts that a rush of consumers will opt for interest-only mortgages in a bid to stem rising costs.Currently, only about 24% of home movers and first-time buyers who take out interest-only deals specify a way of repaying their mortgages.With lenders pulling their cheap deals en masse, says this trend is likely to continue.The […]

Paradigm adds Dunfermline to panel

Dunfermline has become the latest lender to be added to the Paradigm Mortgage Services’ lender panel.Paradigm members now have access to the society’s full range of mortgage products which include fixed, discount, and tracker rates, buy-to-let mortgages, standard variable rate mortgages, and shared ownership mortgages.The addition of Dunfermline to the panel brings the number of […]


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