Orbiter to launch in April

Broker sourcing system Orbiter is set to launch officially in April 2008 with a panel of 30 lenders.

The firm says it plans to provide a whole of market proposition by end of the year.

It’s also aiming for the system to be as easy to use as top consumer websites such as Amazon or Ebay.

Andy Brown, director of Orbiter, says: “One of the questions from advisers that we set out to answer when we started this project was ‘why can’t mortgage websites be as simple to use as Amazon and eBay?’

He adds: “In life in general people have a tendency to make things difficult for themselves. Our message with Orbiter is to let technology do the work for you – work with it rather than against it.

“Life without mobile phones, Amazon and eBay is unthinkable today. Our vision is that this is how mortgage advisers will feel about Orbiter in the years to come.”