Guide to help brokers broaden product range has added a guide to its website to help brokers get to grips with secured loans.

The guide is designed to help brokers who are looking to broaden their offerings to clients in line with the Treating Customers Fairly initiative.

Andy Moody, managing director of, says: “Analysis of brokers coming to us for the first time showed they were apprehensive about secured loans and needed to know more about them.

“While most were happy for us to deal with their customers and make suitable recommendations, they felt they needed to understand the process and methodology better.”

He adds: “We have always been at the forefront of providing marketing assistance and this guide aims to give brokers the right information in an easy format.”

And the firm’s website is undergoing development to provide resources to help brokers market and sell secured loans. Along with a free online marketing toolbox, the website will offer compliant templates for direct mail, poster and leaflet campaigns.