em- teams up with Affirmative

Bridging specialist Affirmative has teamed up with packager em- and will work together to grow the em-bridging brand.

Gary Lederberg, director at Affirmative, says: “It is working well on both sides and our customers are very happy with the service they get and the packaging offered through em-.”

Simon Mouncher, operations director, em-bridging, says: “We have a strong working arrangement which works for the customer which is the most important thing.”

A £1,000 holiday voucher incentive scheme is currently available with em-bridging. Brokers completing six or more bridging cases before the end June will be automatically entered into the draw.

Affirmative works in the UK bridging market and has an in-house legal team, with underwriters who can explain the process from beginning to end and ensure that completion deadlines are met.