Ecology’s green lending doubles

Ecology’s eco-friendly lending doubled last year, rising from £7.7m in 2006 to £15m in 2007.

The society’s full-year results show net lending rose from £3.3m in 2006 to £9.7m last year. This delivered a 17.1% growth in assets.

Ecology specialises in lending on properties that benefit the environment and only deals with eco-homes in-cluding self-builds, energy-saving pro- perties or existing houses needing renovation or conversion.

Paul Ellis, chief executive of Ecology, says: “We’ve had an exceptional year – lending is up, other business is up and profits are up.

“Not only are we doing well financially but the green quality of our lending continues to be strong. We’ll soon be announcing a suite of discounts to support buyers of sustainable homes.

“This innovation will offer borrowers significant rate savings for the life of their mortgages.”