Review will get you off on the right foot

If you’re anything like me, you were inundated with socks at Christmas. Rather than just add them to an already overflowing drawer, it presented an opportunity to get rid of some of my more threadbare footwear and start afresh.

The new year seems the perfect time for reflecting on the one that has just passed and focussing on how you are going to approach the next 12 months.

As with the sock audit, January is a great time for conducting a review of what can be added to or removed from your business to ensure you continue to operate as efficiently as possible.

It is important to look at your relationships with lenders, providers and suppliers and ask yourself if you are achieving everything you want from them.

It is not simply a case of concentrating on existing revenue streams either – why not make a resolution to diversify into a new sector this year and add another string to your bow?

Diversification is not just a case of boosting your bottom line, it is a pro-active way of meeting more of your clients’ needs. Why help them with their mortgage then send them down the road for their insurance or conveyancing when you could handle it all for them?

If you are already ahead of the curve and offering services beyond mortgages, don’t rest on your laurels. Remember to assess regularly how happy you are with your products.

Why not make 2012 your year of going that extra mile? New potential income streams, like socks, are not just for Christmas.